Frequently asked questions

How do I use my wax melts?

To start you will need a wax burner, a tea light and of course one of our wax melts. Simply pop 2 cubes in your burner at a time (or we recommend 2 hearts at a time) and put them into the top of your burner. Pop your tea light into the bottom (we recommend you ONLY use a 4 hour tea light and not the 8 hour ones as they can make the burner too hot and damage the burner or it can burn off the wax fragrance much quicker). 
Alternatively you can use an electric burner but the scent throw can vary from brand to brand and you may need to change the bulb to a higher wattage (check if your burner can take a higher wattage bulb) as some electric burners struggle to melt soy wax. 

How do I clean my wax burners?

There are 2 ways to clean a wax burner. The first is to pop a tea light on for around 40 seconds and then blow out the tea light and push the side of the wax in the burner. The wax will have started to melt underneath and it will then pop out as a whole. Make sure you then wipe away any excess wax left behind and then pop a new wax melt in.

The second way to clean a wax burner is to let the wax fully melt, blow out the tea light and pop a few cotton balls or tissue into the melted wax and let them soak up the wax. Once this has all soaked up, wipe away and clean your burner. 

Is your wax melt packaging recyclable? 

Yes our snap bar clamshells are PET (made of polyethylene terephthalate) which can be recycled. 

How much is delivery?

We currently set a standard first class delivery through Royal Mail at £3.00. We are looking into changing this in the very near future to only charge you by the weight of your products. 

When will be order be dispatched?

We are currently dispatching orders in 2-5 working days from the day you order. We use Royal Mail and send all orders first class. Due to the coronavirus pandemic some areas are taking longer to deliver.