Our Story

We are a family run business that started in January 2020. We started making our own wax melts as a hobby and also because we are slightly obsessed with them. We found that after a lot of trial and error the perfect combination to make highly scented wax melts which were much better than shop bought ones. Our family and friends tested them and agreed so we began to start our own business. “Northern Delights” was picked by both of us as we are from the North of England (Doncaster, South Yorkshire) and Delights because we thought it sounded appealing and because we wanted to make our customers feel delightful when using our products. Our names are Danielle and Donna we are sisters, we both work full time jobs as well as being mummies. 

We started making them in our kitchens but have had to move to our converted garage as we have built up so many regular customers which is making us a lot busier. 

We take pride in all of our products and each one is tested thoroughly by ourselves and our close family members before we sell each one. Every detail is thought about very carefully from the colours of each wax melt to the logos and to our packaging. We are continuously working to improve and expand our products and the continued support from our customers always takes priority. We love to hear feedback so please feel free to share our social media pages as well as our website and let us see those wax melts melting!